humanoidHR, who has more than 10 years experience among human resources functions, is here to serve both recruitment hints and trendy human resources topics. Experience I have is mostly related with recruitment, performance management, salary increases, budgeting and my aim is to keep update you and me about HR trends. When we look at my educational background, I have bachelor degree in Business Administration and then I have master degree with thesis in Human Resources Management.

Recruitment is related with both recruiters and job seekers sides. Its process depends on with which side you are in. However it has similar ingredients which are CV (with other word is resume), role or position, interview and job offer. All ingredients have their own specific tips. If you are aware of these tips, you can step forward.

Human resources also faces with improvements and updates like the other areas. We should be aware of and comply with these trends. As much as possible, we should join the summits, read the articles, have benchmarks with other companies to keep ourselves up to date. I don’t mean only HR professionals, also employees should be aware of thse trends in order to request from their employers. Employees can improve their companies with their demands and it also very valuable.



Recruitments tips for the job seekers. Whether you have experience or not, you can find some hints for you. Check it out.

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Human Resources Trends

Human resources trends for both the HR profesionals and the employees. If you want to learn more about it, you should check out.

Employees engage with employers and brands when they’re treated as humans.”

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